Vietnam in 3 weeks

Vietnam is still very much to be discovered by tourism. You can see they are building some resorts along the coast but mainly we were surprised how little tourist we saw. If any they were Australian and Asian. Apart from Saigon which is more metropolitan. Overall , such a true Asia experience and we would recommend.

We decided to travel the full train tourney from Hanoi to Saigon. We did it over 2 weeks – it takes 1.5 days in travel time – it felt like an achievement having completed it.


  • Hanoi. 3 nights @ Rosy place Airbnb – live like the locals in this crazy city
  • Day trip to Ha long bay with Awesome travel. Expensive but worth it as you get to experience bay in a small group. We visited cave just with 10 people there!
  • Traveling by train from Hanoi to Dong hoi takes 10.5 hrs – bring snacks!
  • Dong hoi. 3 nights @ AnhLinh hotel – great hotel for stopover and seeing sights. Dong hoi is charming.
  • Day trip (booked via Treehugger cafe) to Vinc Moc tunnels from Vietnam war. Again very quiet and amazing to see the 30m deep tunnels.
  • Traveling by train to Danong. Taxi transfer to Hoi An.
  • Hoi An . 5 nights @ Airbnb De Vong house – mesmerizing city of light.
  • Traveling further by train to Nha Trang.
  • Nha Trang. 5 nights – beach life for boys/ Dalat 3 nights @ Sirvananda Yoga Ashram for mummy
  • Traveling last bit (another 8.5 hrs!) by train to Ho Chi Ming/ Saigon.
  • Ho Chi Ming. 5 nights @ city apartments . Very different city with many more global brands.

Best bits

  • Sunrise and friendly staff at yoga ashram (Nelly)
  • The names of the places … Pho dong cock pong and many combinations of these (paul)
  • The sea and the inflatables (Tom)
  • The sea (Jasper)
  • Friendly people, the lights in Hoi An and amazing food (loved by all)

Worse bits

  • Hard beds (Nelly)
  • Drilling from building works early am and into night (paul)
  • The smell of Durian (Tom)
  • The stink (Jasper)

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