Food in Asia

During our two months away in Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand we have had some delicious new dishes but some low points too. Here a perspective on the food from each family member.

Jasper’s (9) foodstory

I had Western food for most of the trip but when I didn’t have Westin food here’s a few things I might of had:

  • Fried calamari
  • Prawns
  • Egg fried rice
  • Sticky rice

They made milkshakes like Twix Mars or snickers. They had instead of chocolate milk milo it would basically come with any meal hot or cold.

Nelly’s Healthy as possible Asian food trip

Some of the best new foods I tried were in Vietnam. Chicken noodle soup for breakfast from a food stall. Pho. Various delicious salads. Fresh spring rolls. And strangely enough even the rice soup with cinnamon and ginger for breakfast at the yoga retreat. The food in Malaysia was a bit disappointing and it was hard not to eat any meat or red meat. But one of the highlights was a place were they just sold one dish: rice/ greens with spicy peanut sauce – all that for £3.50 for all four of us. Pad Thai is my favorite Thai food as it comes with nuts too.

As my mood is negatively impacted by sugar, I try to eat low gi and have no added sugar. That’s a bit more difficult over here. Drinks are hard as they love sugary drinks over here. But a highlight was in Vietnam where they did an avocado shake. Ordering ice tea without sugar sometimes worked if they made it from scratch – delicious – if packed of ice tea- undrinkable!

Paul has been forced to write something

I started the trip as a vegetarian and ended it by wrestling a cow to the ground with my bare hands. Not quite but vegetarian options are limited. Just lots of meat and fruit.

Malaysia did the best chips, consistently double fried crinkle cut. Malaysian food is not up to much but the basic chicken, rice and special sauce meal was good. Had a few good chicken rendangs, although not crispy enough for my doppelgänger Greg Wallace.

Vietnamese food was certainly the most diverse with different specialities in the north, centre and south. The best food was in Hoi Ann, lots of herbs especially mint giving a really fresh flavour. The steamed spring rolls were a highlight and the fusion food great. Saigon was more expensive and less tasty but we did find the most amazing pizza place that had a Vietnamese twist.

Thailand food was more familiar, the use of chili means you don’t get the same subtlety as Vietnamese food has but consistently good. Did try some Durian having been told it smells horrible and tasted delicious – think fermented onions.

I did find some amazing coffee in Chiang Rai as they have been replacing opium with coffee and microroastaries produce outstanding espressos. Coffee was also good in Vietnam, best served over ice though as it had a slightly chocolaty taste and was fiendishly strong.

Plane food … not so good and didn’t risk anything in the train.

Thomas’s (10) review of a restaurant in Chiang Rai

In Thailand you wouldn’t expect to find French food that is cheap and tastes good, but apparently there is some place which is exactly that. We had dinner there. Hungry, tired and annoyed because of mosquitoes; even that couldn’t stop it tasting nice. I had a banana and chocolate crepe with stir fried rice and a banana smoothie for just 150 THB (3 to 4 pounds). We decided to come back for breakfast the next morning and I had crepe with banana, Nutella and whipped creme; not only was it cheap at just 80 THB (£2); it was also delicious.

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